Adams + Russell Coffee Roasters

adams and russell coffee roasters

Locally roasted specialty coffee

A lovely delivery reached My Manchester Home the other day. The highly coffee appreciative Swede in me instantly perked up when I realised what was in the box…

adams and russell coffee roasters

The amazing team over at Adams + Russell contacted me a while ago to see if I wanted to sample some of their hand roasted, small batch coffee. What a silly question – of course I did!

As I like my coffee light, easy to drink and tend to go for medium roasts, I was recommended and sent 2 bags of coffee to sample. They both worked really well in the Aeropress, but also gave us great tasting coffees when used in our cafetiere.

adams and russell single plantation

The coffee: Panama Boquete & Ethiopian Bench Maji

It didn’t take long before I had tried both coffees; the Panama Boquete and the Ethiopian Bench Maji. They both smell amazing when you first open the bag, and created a really nice and rich crema when brewed. My personal favourite has to be the Panama Boquete, even though I did very much enjoy the Bench Maji as well.

My Coffee Top Tip

I had the nutty Panama Boquete with a warm scone and jam, and it turned out to be a little match made in heaven. This particular roast went really well with the sweetness from the fruit. I love to have coffee with something, sweet or savery doesn’t really matter, but this combo certainly did the trick.

There are so many coffees on their website, and I’m already looking forward to mixing and matching the different roasts in my next order. I love the idea of supporting a local business, so please do head over to their website if you, just like me, appreciate a good cup of coffee.

And yes – they also offer specialty tea as well! 🙂


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