How to build a DIY Garden Table for less than £20

How to build a DIY garden table on a budget

This is a super simple, bite sized project we did inbetween other, bigger projects a few weeks ago.  We are quite excited by how it turned out, so I thought I’d share what and how we DIY’d a garden table (that easily seats 6!) for less than £20.

The DIY Budget Garden Table Mini Project

To take back control of the over grown garden, we started a decking project in late March. Looking back, it was a quite ambitious project considering the size of the decking. Mr Manchester Home did fantastically well in planning and sourcing all materials as well as project managing our 2 man work force. It is now completed and the perfect sun trap for lounging and BBQ’ing. The only problem was, we didn’t really have any garden furniture to enjoy lounging or BBQ’ing!

Being a true Pinterest fanatic, I thought that surely it can’t be that difficult to put something together ourselves, rather than spending hundreds on a new garden furniture set, especially after spending hundreds on the decking itself. Budget was a little tight, so I started trawling the Freebies section on Gumtree…

How to DIY a Garden Table on a Budget

I was quite excited when I stumbled across a free wooden gate. It was only a short drive away, so emailed the gate donator and went to collect it the same evening. So what was on offer? A big, sturdy wooden gate door, approximately 95cm x 180cm (37 in x 70 in).

Wooden gate for DIY garden table project

With the to-be-table-top secured, I started looking at our options for table legs. To keep it budget friendly, I headed to IKEA and snapped up a pair of trestle table legs for £5 each. I quite liked the look of them as I hoped it would add to the slightly industrial look I had in mind. As for colour, I browsed the isles of B&Q until a rich, black wood stain from Ronseal caught my eye.

Once home, with wooden gate, table legs and wood stain on stand by, I started by sanding down the to-be-table-top to get  rid of any old, flaky paint, mould and dirt.

How to build a DIY garden decking

When I was happy with the results, I gave the door a brush and a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust from the sanding. It was then time for painting. The stain was really easy to use and to work with, and provided great coverage. I did 3 coats in the end, leaving to dry inbetween, which gave a really nice black ebony effect with the lovely wood grain still visible.

DIY table top painted in black wood stain

To assemble the table legs all I had to do was to follow the instructions included. Simples. Once our new table top had fully dried, we attached it to the legs by drilling through the top bars of the trestle. And, using long Cup bolts, secured the table top to the legs.

How to build a DIY garden table for less than £20

There you have it my friends. A very budget friendly DIY project to try if you get a chance.

What was the last DIY project you did in your garden? Please share as I’m on the look out for more inspiration.

Sandra Xx


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