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Interior Trends for 2021

We’re a month in to 2021 (which I cannot believe!), and I thought what a better time to take a look into some exciting interior trends for this year.

As I was researching, there were so many wonderful up and coming trends that are set to take over this year, but there were a few that stood out to me. 2020 has definitely been a challenging year for us all, and with the first half of 2021 looking eerily similar, I think we could all do with a bit of escapism, and what better than some interior inspiration!

Here are some of my favourite forecasted trends for 2021.

Luxurious Bedroom additions

We’ve been couped up inside for such a long time now, everything can become quite mundane, especially our bedrooms. Since we’re spending so much time in our bedrooms, adding a little luxury can make us feel like extra bit of serotonin.

This can be done by adding pops of opulent colours such as Royal Blue, gold and purple, to give us that ‘hotel’ feel since travelling is off limits.

I personally think adding just simple extras like a cosy luxurious blanket, or higher thread count duvet set can really help with that ‘luxurious feeling’ after a long day of working from home.


Home Offices

Speaking of working from home…. As many of us have migrated to the kitchen counter or sofa this past year for work, it’s understandable why home offices are becoming super popular.

There are so many different types of home office styles, with personal is favourite being a snug/reading nook, that create a perfect working space in the safety of your own home.

The best thing about having an office at home is you can tailor it to your style! Make it a space that you actually want to work in, and an area where creative thoughts flow freely, and work is easily completed.


One of the prettiest interior trends I’ve seen in a while! I love the florals that come with the whole Cottagecore interior vibe, as well as the soft pastel colours and fine embroidery.

If you’re not usually a fan of floral patterns in your home, I’d recommend slowly introduce this trend by adding the odd cushion as a feature piece, or even keeping it confined to one room in your house.

Not only is it a very ‘Instagrammable’ style whilst still carrying that hint of glamour, I think cottagecore provides that escapism we’ve all needed this year.

Eco Friendly Living

Doing our bit for the environment can really make a difference to how you feel and the world around us, and incorporating eco-friendly living is definitely on my list for 2021.

The beauty of this trend is that it doesn’t have to be difficult to do – small things can make a huge difference.

My personal favourites are thrifting my furniture and clothes, utilising natural light rather than artificial, and air drying my clothes when I can (especially with the unreliability of the UK weather). Bigger changes include using thermal underlay and adding solar panels. Read this article to find out more about underlay products that can impact heat insulation in the home

House Plants

One of my favourite additions to any home, I’m really happy to see the ever-increasing popularity of house plants.

Showing up in last year’s interior trends, I’m happy to say I have included more plants into my home this year and will continue to do so throughout 2021.

Plants are the perfect addition to any home, as not only are they a great decorative accessory, but there are so many health benefits associated with house plants; including stress reduction.

These are only a handful of exciting interior trends, and I definitely think I’m going to incorporate a few into my own home.

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