Reminiscing of Summer Steak Recipes

As we go through the heart of winter and in the middle of the second lockdown, I can’t help reminiscing of the good Summer times. Flash back to the biggest steak I’ve ever had.

This dinner recipe is definitely one for the meat lovers out there.

While I’m open to trying vegan products, I do  also enjoy a good steak too.

In Sweden, my home country, there’s something called plank steak where you literally cook the steak on the plank in the oven. Served with Bearnaise sauce and mash potato it’s a tough one to beat.

The star of this recipe is a Chuleta Steak from The Gourmet Market – A Spanish food website who sell premium products from Spanish producers. This steak was very succulent, tasted super fresh and filled me up to the max. To be honest though, I wasn;t sure whether to buy Wagyu Beef or the Chuleta steaks so I went for the slightly cheaper option

We served it up with some Thyme, Rosemary & Garlic flavoured Potatoes alongside some bbq grilled tomatoes. Ooh how I can’t wait for our next barbecue. Might need a new one this Summer – hint hint hubby if your reading this.

Cooking the Steak

A single piece of this Chuleta steak weighed in at approximately 750g and a thickness of 2cm. So you need to give it a bit of time on the grill even if you want it medium-rare. That’s how I like it.


The good thing is that if you like it rare, it’s very difficult to over cook because of the supreme thickness.

Steak on the BBQ and Tomatoes

It’s a good idea to leave the steak out of the fridge for a couple of hours, not in the sun though! (we don’t get much sun in Manchester anyway). That way the centre is at room temperature before it goes on the barbecue.

Goes great with a Strawberry & Feta Salad

Every time I think of Summer, it always reminds me of barbecues. But I don’t think a barbecue is complete without a good Summer salad. And this one goes perfect with a big cut of Beef. I use Strawberries, Feta cheese, cos lettuce and Olives. It’s bit like a Greek salad with a Strawberry twist.

Serve this up with some Potatoes and soured cream to give you a great combo of carbs, salad and steak!

All in all, this is a really easy dish, and is always great in the Summer, so let’s all look forward to a little fun in the sun as the Spring approaches and the gardens bloom.




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