Renovating the lawn for Spring

Spring Lawn Renovation 2021

Our lawn had seen very little TLC since the arrival of our little ones. Oh did I mention we have twins and we feel so blessed to have such beautiful little boys.

Anyway, there were mixed emotions when we started the lawn renovation because I knew we would have to stay off it for a while while we got it back into shape.

Of course it had to get worse before it got better. So, I was hoping that the lawn feed we put down from The Relentless Gardener would give it some nice lush growth before going all in on the scarifying and raking.

The steps involved were –

  • Kill the moss (in Feb)
  • Scarify & rake
  • Treat with lawn feed and weed
  • Scarify and rake (when the ground was dry)
  • Aerate (when the ground was wet)
  • Wait six weeks
  • Add pre turf/seed fertiliser from the relentless gardener (in April)
  • Seed with premium shade grass seed again from the relentless gardener
  • Water the ground every day for 2 weeks

I won’t lie – I hated the CDs being across the lawn for nearly 3 weeks because it just looks a bit rubbish. They were to detract the birds from eating the seeds.

But I couldn’t wait until we could get the boys back on the grass again because it’s so much fun chilling and relaxing in the garden.

Roll on the Summer with bbq parties and all sorts of fun and games.

Tending to the vegetables

While this was going on with the lawn, I also tended to my vegetable patch – which is just outside the kitchen door for easy pickings.

We had some great success with lettuce in previous years. It was just so easy to cut whenever I needed it.

The berry tree is still growing but it struggled last year because of some fungus on the tree. I’m hoping this year we might get some berries as it looks like it’s still growing it’s leaves. So, I’m sure it’s not dead

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